#OOTD for Lunar New Year

Monday, 3 February 2014

Hi guys!
I hope you had a splendid LNY weekend!
It's a GREAT time to play dress up and go overboard hahaha.

Here's two of my outfits over the weekend!

Of course, that's a gazillion similar looking #ootd pictures 
because I couldn't get the dress to flow the way I want it captured. 
And yes, that's my mum and sis in the reflection waiting patiently 
while I walked down the same stretch of path 200 times and H snapped away hahaha. 

H commented I looked like I was dressed for a Christmas party hahaha. 
True to a certain extent I guess 'cause I got this skirt a couple months ago before December. 
I LOVE the luxurious sheen of the fabric!

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