H's Birthday in Phuket

Saturday, 11 January 2014

It was H's last time turning 2x last month so we booked a short getaway to Phuket! Not sure if you have noticed but we are trying to cover as much of Asia as possible, leaving our footsteps in at least one city of each country. This helps us to experience a little of the unique culture each nation has and we get to learn a tiny fraction of what each country has to offer. The world is enormous and there is so much to explore. After flying around for so long, I still feel like I haven't experienced London enough or learnt much of Italy. It's probably not possible to travel the world in one lifetime but I am always grateful for all that I have seen, and all that I am going to.

We flew via SilkAir (ticket was $200+/person) and checked into Cape Sienna in the evening for 3 nights!

We booked the sea view deluxe room with outdoor jacuzzi for around $300/night
and I was quite pleased with the room.
Initially I wanted a room/villa with a personal pool but those were exorbitantly priced 
and I'm not feeling as rich as 2012 so H chose Cape Sienna.

Overall, I would say our room wasn't too shabby but one thing I cannot stand 
was the low height between the tap and the sink in the bathroom!! 
A photo would illustrate better but I forgot to take a picture so let me try to explain.
Imagine your kitchen tap and sink -  lots of free space in between for you 
to rinse your plates under the running water right? 
That is exactly what the bathroom sink was lacking - free space in between.
I couldn't even fully put a 3.5" glass under the tap to fill it with water 
and I resorted to washing my face in the jacuzzi.

Yup, that's the only qualm I have about the room.

The jacuzzi at the balcony facing the sea!
(I didn't take a day photo)

My flight #ootd

The resort gifted H a birthday cake!

After making a wish, we finally got our lazy selves out to get food.
It was already 8-9pm then and we only managed to find a roadside stall 
selling pad thai and oyster omelette.

After a trip to 7-11 after dinner, we decided to make use of the jacuzzi before calling it a day.

Rise and shine!
There's a certain kind of tranquility about views like these, having the sea and sky connect.

The lobby in the morning

Breakfast by the pool

I didn't take any pictures of the food but the spread wasn't too bad.
At least they don't serve the same dishes everyday.

Went back to the room to change after breakfast and we were off to the beach!

Each beach chair was 400baht if I remember right

After walking through half the beach, we finally settled at somewhere less crowded.

A lot of reviews mentioned that Patong Beach is really dirty and I'm so glad we chose to 
stay near Kamala Beach because it is actually pretty clean 
and the water is very clear and cold despite the sun!

HAHAHAHA H thinks he's A&F model

Anyway we are both very shy people who are not very confident of our bodies. 
So out of courtesy, I'm just inserting two far-far-you-can't-see-much-of-our-half-naked-bodies 
pictures for your viewing pleasure.

You're welcome.

Yes, it was actually scorching hot and bright but I've already lost the tan I got from the trip, yay!

Had lunch at one of those tentage restaurants by the beach and the food sucks.
'Nuff said.

But the banana nutella crepe (no picture) we bought by the roadside was very yummy!!!
I guess you really can never go wrong with nutella.

I was getting quite sick of the sun and heat after lunch so we decided to head back 
and chill by the resort's infinity pool.

And then I got distracted because it was low tide

...all the rocks were out to play and I joined in!

H and I loved it here at Sienna Rocks!
It was exclusive, peaceful, comfortable and H fell asleep listening to the soft crashing waves.

Water was freezing though the sun was unforgiving.

Went back to our room and I fell asleep.
That's what holidays are for, right?

After numerous shakes from H, I finally woke up to shower and prepare for dinner 
only to find him sleeping when I was done.


The disappearing sun.

We headed to Patong for dinner and the night market. 
I didn't bring my camera along so I have no pictures to blog about it haha.
But I updated an entry on Dayre so if you're keen, go here: http://dayre.me/tippytapp/XmVwJIqgRz

Okay, I'm going to join H in bed now.
Have a great weekend guys!

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