Our *First* Staycation

Thursday, 15 May 2014

H and I finally went for our first staycation! In Singapore! It's not that we are so ngiao (stingy) we refuse to fork out money to go for a weekend hotel stay in our country. It's just that whenever we browse through hotels for an upcoming special occasion, we will give up after 5 minutes because the price we are paying for can get us cheap tickets + accommodation to a nearby city (KL, JB, Malacca, Penang, Bintan, Batam, etc) or we would rather top-up a little more cash and fly to somewhere in South East Asia. I mean, we are not going to stay the entire day in the hotel room we book and order room service right??? We are still in Singapore and H has a car, we will definitely still drive out for meals so that defeats the purpose, in our opinion.

So when we heard that The Quincy Hotel has a special Qool Weekend Package which includes a whole load of fun, H and I jumped at the chance and booked our *first* weekend staycation! :D

The hotel lobby + cafe with those eggshells (haha) suit the entire quirky theme!

I love that they stock Molton Brown toiletries!
We smelled soooo good after the shower!

We checked in a little after 2pm, dropped our things in the room then went down to the lobby cafe for a bite before our first activity! 

H's favourite corner was of course where the coffee machines are.

Healthy snacks for the health conscious bunnies

And the carb laden pastries for the average us haha

Lunch is served from 12pm-2.30pm if I'm not wrong so when we were there, it was teatime! All the tea and pastries provided were from Dean & Deluca - their cakes are pretty good!

Then it was time to head up to the swimming pool level for our first activity - Couple Art Jamming Class held every weekend from 3pm-4pm! :) H and I had been looking forward to painting on canvas all week and even printed out a couple of paintings we like for this class!!

We are amateurs so we chose a simple design. The expert said this painting is impressionist so there is no need clear lines neither do we have to paint it exactly the same so in a way, we can allow our "creativity" to flow.

My boyfriend is really LAST WARNING I TELL YOU. Ask him to paint and he was there being so serious drawing black lines hahahaha. I was too engrossed in filling in the colours for my part and when I took a step back to see how I was doing, I got a shock when I saw his and then I couldn't stop laughing hahaha. What is this!!!

The tree branches and trunks are dark brown not black!!! 

Finally taking some shape haha.
I went to look around and we were the worst painters among all.
So embarrassing!!

The expert, Damian touched up the drawing a little to make it look more bearable hahaha!

I know you're thinking H's side of the painting looks better but *ahem* 
I would like to add that most of the touch-up done by Damian was on his side.

That's all.


Anyway, this is going on one of the walls of our future home!

The other couples said they are not professional artists but just take a look at what they painted!!!

I would totally buy them please!
Lots of hidden (or humble) talents around!

After the class, we walked to Orchard which was only 5-10 minutes away!
Had an early dinner at Ding Tai Fung because we were feeling hungry already.

We shouldn't have because we went back to the hotel after some shopping
and realised they were serving buffet dinner!

Free flow alcoholic drinks/cocktails during dinner service too!

We were not hungry at all but just couldn't resist so we shared a plate of food!
Everything was so good??!?!???
I love the arrabiata pasta and fried prawn baguette so much!!
Yes, I'm a total carbs person if you haven't already realised -_-
Whereas H couldn't stop praising the cream mussels, he even had a second serving!

Movie night was at 9pm by/in the pool and there are even drinks + chips as accompaniment!
We were fed so well throughout our stay it was so awesome!

We didn't enjoy the movie that was shown 
so we went back to our room and switched on HBO instead haha.
I think we watched 2 to 3 movies before calling it a night!

After breakfast the next morning, 
I went back to the room and napped till it was time to check-out hahaha.
I love hotel breakfasts but it's always a dilemma like, 
should I wake up and go down for yummy food 
or should I continue lying on these super duper awesome sheets?

I loveeeeee hotel beds!
Need to get an identical one for our future home!


Hungry again when we were going to check-out and the cafe was serving lunch!!
Both H and I had a bowl of laksa each + sandwiches 

And for dessert, there was a hugeeee rainbow cake!

After dressing it up a little...hahaha

It was not only pretty but also delicious!
The lemon pound cake we had the day before was good too, moist and not crumbly.

I should probably make a trip to Dean & Deluca for dessert soon I guess? ;)

Lastly, my outfit for checkout.

Have an awesome break from work everyone! <3

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