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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A couple of weeks ago, I decided that I'm bored of my ultra light brown hair 
that seemed to be fading to a terrible shade of orange so I told Elva from ProTrim JEM 
that I needed an immediate hair rescue session!!

So there I was on a Monday afternoon having my tresses pampered in the salon 
and getting some work done at the same time.
It may be a Monday but ProTrim JEM was packed and every stylist had customers back-to-back. 
In fact, they are full all the time and I always make my appointments last minute. :/
So thankful Elva is always able to slot me in!

After 3 hours of colouring + treatment, I was done!!
I got my hair dyed a few tones darker and the Keratase Hair Loss Treatment for Scalp 
was recommended this time round because Elva said my bunch of mane is no longer mane :( 
My hair is not as thick compared to my last visit :(

Not the usual blown curls but something more uniformed and structured.
Love it all the same!!

I really love the darker tone but after many washes, the colour is fading.
I should probably go touch up at least 2 more times before the wedding!

ProTrim JEM contact number: 6734 7883

Earlier this month, I went on a live talkshow with Success Legacy 
so of course I had to style my hair for something as important as appearing live on screen hahaha.
Headed over to ProTrim at Somerset 313 to look for Tino as usual!

Tino and me with my freshly blown hair! :D
He's damn cute and professional and looks super Japanese right?

H and I in the studio before the talkshow

My hairrrr *heart-eye emoticon*

ProTrim Somerset 313 contact number: 6238 7027

The lovely followers who joined us that evening:

Thank you all for coming!! <3

With Eve (host + co-owner of Success Legacy), Meiting and Tricia!

And our other halves!

If you missed Blogging: The Inside Scoop that day, you can still watch it on Youtube here:

In other news, I'll be heading to Perth and Bangkok in the coming 2 weeks!
If you have any recommendations to share, please please please leave a comment, thank you!! :)

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