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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Confession: I am quite the skincare junkie.

I try a lot of skincare products from different brands, for different functions and if the products prove themselves to be worthy, you can be sure I will be a returning customer. I have normal/combination skin type and my favourite kinda products to buy are those targeting ageing, hydration, brightening and recently, firming.

I cannot believe that I was only introduced to Uriage recently! I say that because I am also an advocate for skincare products with natural ingredients because you've never heard of cavemen having pimples, have you?

The two products I particularly like are the Uriage Thermal Water and Aquaprecis Express Mask!

A little about the brand before I continue -

"Uriage Thermal Water was first discovered by the Romans through the Belledonne massif in the French Alps. It is filtered on the surface of the glaciers before passing through many layers of minerals, rock, gypsum rich in Calcium sulfates and sulphurised schist. This unique geological structure slowly releases mineral salts and trace elements into the water as it passes through. At the end of this long journey, Uriage Thermal Water springs forth - totally pure and free of all pollution. Hence, the Uriage Thermal Water is a unique active ingredient in Uriage's full range of hypoallergenic products."

Uriage Thermal Water (UTW)
300ml to use at home and the tiny 50ml bottle goes out with me! ;)

I use the UTW as a toner and there are a couple of reasons why I like it!

1. It has no alcohol content - all natural! 
2. The spray comes out as a really light mist instead of sprinkles (big droplets) so it gets absorbed very quickly into the skin
3. It is very gentle, my skin instantly feels calmer and hydrated

A little research later, I found out that the UTW is also capable of the following!

1. It helps to rebuild skin barrier
2. Treat Ear Nose Throat(ENT) and skin diseases (WOW!)
3. Enhance glowing skin (!!!)
4. Fixes make up without melting or smudging 

Not only that, the UTW's composition resembles body natural fluid thus making it comfortable for those of us with sensitive skin! And that's why the Uriage Thermal Station, a medical spa in France, welcomes more than 4000 patients yearly who seek treatments for chronic skin and ENT diseases. The patients are all treated with just the Uriage Thermal Spring Water!!

Aquaprecis Express Mask

My second favourite product is the Aquaprecis Express Mask! I don't use sheet masks anymore because they take up too much time; very much prefer face masks that only require 5 minutes reaping  similar benefits or I'll turn to sleeping masks - fuss free! (Yes, the lazy monster in me talking.)

The Aquaprecis Express Mask is JUST THAT. Apply a thick layer over my face after cleansing, leave it on for 5 minutes then remove either with a damp cotton pad or the UTW! I chose the latter!

Face feels more supple and hydrated after that and I even skipped my moisturiser - it acts pretty much like a sleeping mask too!

Isoliss Eye Contour 

As much as I hate to admit that I am now in the category of ageing in the skincare department, I realised I should come to terms with this (and with myself) so I can start prevention earlier! 

The Isoliss range is a new range under the Uriage brand and it is made for the active and dynamics young women who want a first anti-ageing skincare product to prevent first signs of ageing and loss of radiance.

The Isoliss Eye Contour comes in a convenient packaging with a roller ball which provides a cooling effect on dark eye circles and doubles up a massager for the under eye areas! Also very hygienic as there's no contact of my finger on my cleansed face.
Though it is enriched with shea butter, it is surprisingly non-oily and of a very light texture!

Based on a clinical study on 26 women who gave their evaluation after using the Isoliss Eye Contour for 2 months on the effect of anti-wrinkle, anti- dark circle and anti-puffiness, they noticed

Anti-wrinkle effect : -30%
Anti-dark circle effect: -15%

Anti-puffiness effect: recognised by 73% of women

p/s: always roll it inner eye out to rid of the lines and dark circles.

Isoliss Fluid

The Isoliss Fluid is a 24 hour moisturiser that acts as an effective skin perfector - very suitable for ladies with dull complexion and occasional dilated pores.

The gel is in a fresh pale pink and it gave me radiant complexion! MY SKIN IS GLOWING. Not only that, you can see that my complexion is smoother, fine lines no longer visible and my pores disappeared! So THIS is the secret to having photoshop-ready complexion! ;)

21 women tried this product for 2 months and their evaluation on the effect on smoothing, pores and fine lines reduction are as follow:
Smoothing effect: 20%
Reduction in fine lines: -27%
Reduction in pore size: -13%


There are several promotions ongoing for URIAGE products at selected Guardian, Watsons, John Little, BHG and OG and 21st Century Beauty Spa currently (while stocks last)!

- Uriage Thermal Water Twin Pack is going at $29.90
- The Aquaprecis gel crème set (Aquaprecis gel crème, Aquaprecis Express Mask and 50ml Thermal water) is going at $34.90 (usual price $64.70)

Look out for more promotions at these stores!

5 lucky readers of mine will receive a gift pack worth $150.60! Follow these steps:

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3. State my name - Jessica Tham (JT) when answering the question so Uriage will know you found out about the giveaway through my blog
eg. The best unique selling point for Uriage Thermal Water is the ability to rebuild skin barrier - JT

Find out more about Uriage products through these pages!

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Free 1 Year membership with minimum purchase of $100 in a Single receipt at the point of sale (Some other brands as well)

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