It Was My Birthday!

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

I didn't spend my birthday this year in a foreign land because H and I had a wedding to attend but we are making up for it by visiting Perth today! Have always wanted to visit down under together, rent a car and just go on a road trip! As H couldn't take too many days off work, flying all the way to Melbourne/Sydney would be a waste since we are unable to fully tour the cities in <5 days, so the nearest Australian city it was! :D

Birthday outfit:

I was in the mood for Spanish tapas so my birthday dinner was at Sabio by the Sea at Quayside Isle. They do have another outlet at Duxton which doesn't take reservations.

The restaurant takes up a huge stretch so you definitely wouldn't miss it. I love the open-concept, industrial design and chill vibes of the place but do note there's no air-con even if you choose indoor seating. Thankfully, the weather wasn't too hot/humid in the evening!

I LOVE Spanish tapas and I've been spoilt rotten by all the fantastic tapas I've tried in Barcelona so there is already a high benchmark.

First dish - Jamon Serrano (50 grams)
MUST ORDER whenever you visit a tapas joint!
Dry cured Serrano mountain ham which was so yummy?!???!!

Chorizo Iberico
I love chorizos because they have a tinge of spiciness - my favourite kinda sausage!
This was worth ordering too *slurps*

Pan-fried Calamari
It was good but nothing fantastic.
H loved it though.
Then again, he loved everything we had that night haha

Patatas Aioli (Fried Potatoes with Garlic Mayonnaise)
I was looking forward to this plate the most because the ones I had in Barcelona 
were sooooo good like you couldn't believe that potatoes could actually taste so good 
when they are just fried and drizzled with sauce.

These tasted just like your average potato wedges with garlic mayo >:(

I was immensely disappointed cause they were nothing like the cubed patatas 
drenched in slightly spicy mayo I had. 
But H loved it. 
Told you he loved everything!

Mussels in Tomato Sauce
This huge bowl was pretty worth it for $16! 
Cooked with tomato sauce, onions and red wine (?), the sauce was yums!

Spanish Omelette
Very simple ingredients of potatoes and onions in the omelette 
but one of my favourite Spanish dishes!
Sadly, the rendition at Sabio's wasn't that good 
because they seem to have forgotten the seasoning.

We were already full after having the above but dessert was a must!
I was bent on having churros to make the meal complete 
then I realised the churros were coated in sugar which I don't really fancy... 
(I prefer icing sugar)
Then I saw the House's Signature Dessert - Salty Butter Caramel Lava Cake.

The salted caramel wasn't sickening sweet so it leaves you wanting MORE.
And the salted caramel ice-cream was the best I had.
I would've licked the plate clean if the couple beside us wasn't that prim and proper...

What could be better than chocolate lava cakes?
Now you know.

Winning dish!

Oh yes, I forgot to mention my glass of Red Sangria was just so-so.

Passionfruit Meringue Cake from The Patissier which was yummy! 
The Patissier does have pretty decent cakes.

I wish for happiness every day of the year.



  1. Hi Jessica,
    Where did you get your dress ?

    Thanks, Nellyn

    1. Hi Nellyn, I got it from MDS probably a year ago!