Sugarcane Buddies + Flea

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

H and I have been hanging out with this group of friends frequently on weekends and we call ourselves the Sugarcane Buddies (got story behind the name hahaha) / Saturday Buddies.

It's interesting how social media brought us together. Take for example, Eve and I knew each other way back in 2009 when we did a flight to Paris together and basically hanged out throughout the entire flight.

(I apologise for these bad quality pictures I saved from Facebook.)

We did a lot of fun and stupid things with the rest of the crew like having a picnic under the slight drizzle by the Eiffel Tower and taking crazy photos in the middle of the road with my $8 umbrella from Taipei hahaha.

After 5 years, this cheeky (now) woman still poses the same and forces her boyfriend to do it too hahaha!

Anyway, we did not really keep in contact after the flight though her number is always saved in my phone but we are still "close" because of Facebook and Instagram. You know what I mean?

Actually, I also kinda got to know Meiting through SQ and the first time we "met" was also in Paris! (I really don't want to say this but I miss Paris!! So excited I am finally heading back to the city of love this December with H!!) I think I followed her on Instagram because someone (a crew probably?) told me she was also flying so I went to check out her profile and thought, "Wah this girl quite pretty, okay I'll follow her". So we knew of each other's existence...and then one day when I was leaving Paris, she was checking in and a common friend of ours wanted to introduce us but I was shy lah! So we officially said "Hi" in person for the first time at a Skin Inc event last year!

With Tricia, there isn't much of a story because *ahem* her height does not qualify for SQ (but everything else about her is perfect) so it was very straightforward - I "knew" her through Instagram and Eve brought us from reel to real!

I know I've only been talking about us girls but you know what? Our boyfriends get along just as well! Yay to new friendships fostered! We even have a hashtag on Instagram - #whenboysvsgirls. Pictures there are just for laughs okay hahaha.

In other news, I need to clear my house for the wedding (why is the mess never-ending omg) sooooo I'll be at the Lucky Plaza flea hosted by ForFleaSake with Meiting this coming Saturday from 1-7pm (or while stocks last)!

Date: 30 August 2014, Saturday
Time: 1pm to 7pm
Venue: Lucky Plaza level 6
Prices: $10 and below

Please bring your own bags and the only mode of payment is by cash!

See you then!! :)

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