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Thursday, 7 August 2014

I was in Jakarta in June and I already had lots of plans in mind weeks before my flight there because hellooooo, I was going to the city of cheap hair washes, yummy food and also, crazy traffic jams. My friend, Fatiha and I stayed at a friend's apartment and we heard about how dangerous the city can be that's why we only took taxis everywhere (meters start at 70cents WHATTTT). Anyway, it helps to have friends there too because during the peak hours, it is almost impossible to get a cab. 

I also learnt a little or two about the culture there like how cars are so freaking affordable (you can get a Toyota SUV for <S$20,000) and the Indonesians who are doing not too bad have at least one personal drivers for the family. I love this personal driver culture and I couldn't stop raving about it to H hahaha. There are so many chauffeurs there, the big malls actually have a room with TV for them to rest and wait while the boss(es) shop! What an awesome job, it's stress-free and easy money.

Food wise, NEVER eat at their food courts because 99% of the time, the food tastes bad and it is extremely unhygienic though cheap. I'd advise you to top up a few bucks for a more satisfying meal at a local restaurant.

On the first night, we went to Pancious and had desserts for dinner because we had a not-so-fantastic late lunch at the food court.

I ordered the apple crumble waffle which was okay 
and it would taste better if they actually have some sweet sauce over it 
because it was a little dry. 
Or maybe I should have ordered a scoop of ice-cream with it.

Fatiha's caramelised banana crepe cake with vanilla ice-cream which was yummy!
The cream was very fresh and light, even the ice-cream was good.

Actually, the savoury items all looked and sounded extremely delicious 
and we vowed to go back again for lunch/dinner but we never made it back 
because our schedule didn't allow 
and there are many other good cafes/restaurants to check out!

After a long day out on the second day, we went for a hair wash at a salon near the apartment.
The mall was EpiWalk and the salon was located at the top level.
I didn't notice what was the name of the salon, sorry!

Wash + Blow costs around S$7?
So damn cheap and the curls last for dayssss (with no hairspray)!!
And their head massage? NO WORDS.

Just look at these curls.
Achieved with your regular hair brush + hairdryer and a super talented hair stylist.
I was in awe.
No wonder the Indonesian tai-tais always have amazing hair with so much volume!

Oh yes, you can also thread your brows (S$5) upper lips (S$3) at this shop 
located on the same stretch as the hair salon.

We didn't feel too hungry at dinner time again so we ordered sides to share at Kafe Betawi.

I forgot the name of this dish but it is some fishcake thingy with satay sauce.
I loved it!

Sate Ayam (Chicken satay)

Tahu Telor
Actually all the food we ordered were good!
3 dishes + 2 drinks at <S$15 I think!

Moving on...

I picked out 2 pieces of apparel from Fashmob which are gorgeous!

Met my girlfriends for high-tea in the Colosseum Monochrome Midi which got me many praises!
I chose to dress down with a pair of sandals since I was at Gardens by the Bay before this 
and I think I looked just as presentable haha.
I'm wearing size S but XS would be a better fit :)

Brought the Donna Playsuit (Pink) to Perth with me 
because I knew this piece was gonna be perfect for the weather!
It was hot and sunny in the day and the chiffon was light and airy to wear.
When it got windy, I just threw on my jacket 
and there I have it, the perfect winter-approaching-spring outfit.

Fashmob (http://shopfashmob.com) always have all these classy, edgy and feminine pieces 
and I am sure you are bound to find something you fancy.
Have fun shopping ;)

On a sidenote, I love Perth's clear blue skies and lush greeneries so, so, SO MUCH.
Cannot wait to be back in Australia!
Wait for my blogposts on Perth okay? :D

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