I am hair-ready!

Monday, 22 September 2014


I'm only left with my eyebrows and upper lip and then I'm all ready yo! Oh yes, and eyelash extensions touch-up!

So you know...I actually haven't visited the ProTrim JEM in 2 months since my last hair treatment before my trip to Perth. And almost 3 months since my hair colouring session. :o

I cannot get married with ugly roots like this so finally made an appointment to visit my stylist, Elva!

My hair colour is actually not this ah lian looking.
I don't know why my camera just makes everything, especially my hair, looks orange.
Guess this is what happens when I drop it too often :x

And I haven't had a haircut in more than 6 months 
hence the ends are looking extremely horrendous!!!
I cannot wait to be back from our mini moon then I can finally chop them all off!
Please wait for my drastic change next month, haha!

This month, I tried the new range of hair treatment from Keratase.
It's the frizz-free range that delivers shiny and smooth hair 
with no flyaways - definitely something I need!

In July, Elva did the tangle-free treatment for me 
and my hair was so well-behaved for at least 2 weeks!
I can never run my fingers through my hair without stopping midway 
because too dry and too many tangles :(
So that treatment really helped!!
The feedback she received from one of her customers was, 
she didn't even need to use hair conditioner!

And this was how I looked when I left ProTrim JEM.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fresh coat of colour on my tresses!!
There's a tinge of raspberry red under the chocolate brown which adds a little dimension overall!


Here's a full-body picture to give you a better perspective of my hair!

Of course, I also had a new set of eyelash extensions! 
Because it's gonna be my wedding, I chose black lashes since that's always gonna be in style...

But what I really love are these purple eyelashes!!

A more obvious photo taken under the sun!
Only the tips of the eyelashes have purple tinge which is soooo pretty omg!
The actual colour leans towards dark purple so if people are not observant, 
the lashes just look black. 
Very subtly done that's why I was okay to try them out when Rachel first suggested to me.

Here's a close-up.
Only the last few strands are coloured ;)

I have been doing eyelash extensions for half a year now and look, 
I still have long and full eyelashes!

All thanks to this!!
The ILASH, a lash serum, is sold exclusively in Dream Lash.
Whether you have on eyelash extensions or without,
this product helps in growing your eyelashes longer, stronger and thicker.

I apply the ILASH before bed (or whenever I remember to) 
hence my natural lashes are looking fuller than before I started having eyelash extensions!
I am so, so pleased about this! :D

But of course, for super obvious dolly eyelashes
AND the bonus of spending only 3 minutes on makeup,
eyelash extensions' still the way to go!!
They totally changed my life because I look made up now
even though I didn't put in effort on learning a new makeup technique, etc.
And here's my new set of eyelash extensions for this month.
Each strand is a little thicker than the normal ones for a fuller look! :)

Dream Lash has very limited slots and appointments have to be made 
at least 3 weeks in advance so if you have a big event coming up, 
call earlier to avoid disappointment!!

You can check with them for in-store promotions when you quote my name! ;)

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