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Monday, 29 September 2014

I am sure most of you would know I am an avid shopper of Taobao. In fact, some of the classic pieces  of clothing I bought long ago are still in my wardrobe and they probably will for a long time more because the quality is ahhhmazing and I paid for them at relatively cheap prices too!! BONUS!

Thankfully my boyfriend taught me how to shop on that website one fateful day and pointed out the important tabs I have to take note of when completing my orders. After a few tries, I am now a pro Taobao shopper among my friends hahaha :p

But fret not all my non-Mandarin reading friends!! I recently discovered SGshop and how easy it is to buy stuff off Taobao through it!! SGshop is the most reliable Singapore online shopping platform and they are dedicated to provide reliability, safety, cost effective and outstanding service. 

From window-shopping (or tab-shopping? haha) to purchase until you receive your parcel, every process can be done within your comfort zone! Skip the retail shop and get your purchase at lower price by locating for wholesaler from Chinese E-shopping websites! 

Taobao/TMall are just 2 of the many platforms I frequent but the above are online websites you can buy from via SGshop!

Here's a sneak peek of a pair of hologram heels out of many other purchases I got off SGshop!

Loveeeeee it!

First step is of course to register for a new account and you are ready to start shopping!! Just key in what you are looking for in the "search" bar and explore away!

I added a truckload of stuff into my cart including pretty striped straws hahaha. The part I circled in yellow is the type of shipping (Economy Air in this instance) you can choose from, price of shipping to SGshop warehouse in China (China Express) and total cost of the item(s) you are purchasing from that shop!

Proceed to checkout by clicking "Submit" at the bottom right corner of the page ;)

At the payment page, choose your preferred payment method or you can top-up your account and choose to pay from there instead!

Your order is now confirmed!

All you have to do now is wait for your parcel(s) to reach the warehouse in China and you will receive an SMS to inform you of that!! Personalised service from SGshop is one of the things I appreciate because I wouldn't remember to log in to the website everyday to check if my items have arrived!

Now that status has changed to "Arrived" (in Singapore), just pay for shipping from China to Singapore and you will receive your package soon! 

SGshop offers many options for delivery. I opted for budget delivery and it only took 2 days (I think) to reach me! Super fast and seamless shopping experience!

What caught me by surprise was the courier actually sent me a text in advance to let me know what time he is gonna drop by so I can expect him. Thumbs up for the service!

After unwrapping my parcel excitedly, let me show you the items I bought! I managed to get all these items for around S$80!! That's 2 pairs of shoes (remember the hologram pair I showed you earlier?), 1 dress and 2 basic tops!

Love the prints and fabric is of thick, quality material.
I ordered this in XS after looking at the measurements and I'm happy this fits me perfectly!

Very comfy pair of sandals, fits true to size and the platform + low arch made it easy to walk in.

By the way, the quality of these 2 basic tops are excellent!
White and not even sheer at all! 
$10 and below for one!

After my personal experience of using SGshop to shop on Taobao, the following points are why I think it's one of the best platforms to buy from:

- It offers high quality & low price
- Speed is guaranteed
- Free & secure inspection
- It provides 14/7 online service
- Basically, it IS Taobao but the English version
- There are 5 different kinds of shipping methods
- It offers free parcel combination 
- There is 30 days of free retention period

Don't accuse me of not sharing about my favourite place to shop online now okay! ENJOY!!! :D

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