On becoming Mrs

Saturday, 4 October 2014

So H and I got hitched exactly a week ago after one and half year of engagement! Life goes on as per usual after the wedding probably because our house is not ready yet so there isn't any big changes. And now, we are eagerly awaiting the arrival of our new home, that's gonna be our next big project hehe :D

We jetted off to Boracay 2 days after the wedding as we wanted to go somewhere beautiful to just relax and do nothing after not having slept/eaten well the couple of weeks before the big day. It was fun while it lasted and we wish our mini (honey)moon never had to end.

Back to the daily grind immediately after touchdown (I had a filming in the airport upon arrival) but thank god for the long weekend!!

Our future is looking exciting and I cannot wait to spend it together.

What I am looking forward to are:
1) More quality time spent exploring new (healthy and wholesome) recipes in the kitchen
2) A meaningful learning journey about ourselves, each other and the world as we grow older and stronger as a couple
3) Finding joy and retaining that spark in every mundane duty we have to fulfill

Cheers to creating even more beautiful and happy memories, H!

I love you. Xx

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