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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

It's not a secret I chopped off my bunch of flat and unruly hair a week after my wedding because I had enough. The last time I had strands this long was probably 8-9 years ago when I was young and crazy about curls. I also did the same thing then when I got bored of my dry, tangled hair which never got to be caressed by a brush for the longest time - I snipped them all off and rebonded my hair hahaha. No surprise how almost a decade later, I still deal with hair matters in the same way.

When I sat down at ProTrim JEM and saw myself in the mirror, I actually thought my hair doesn't look too bad and contemplated for a second to keep the length. But anyway, Elva cut off that bunch in a matter of seconds...and my seat wasn't even warm yet.

We got down to serious business after that! I had my ends curled using the Korean way of perming - C-curls if I'm not wrong. Also did some clipping on my hair roots for volume which usually lasts for a month but boy, does it work!

After all that perm, of course I need some serious nutrients for my tresses and Elva arranged the 3-step Keratase treatment for me.

Step 1: Keratase strengthening shampoo
Step 2: Keratase Fusio-Dose Treatment that consists of all of the above 4 boosters, namely to provide strengthening to coloured, dry, weakened and thinning hair.
Step 3: Strengthening hair mask applied on top of treatment + boosters

I left ProTrim JEM with pretty amazing hair but I looked terrible after sitting in there for hours so I'll let the after-pictures taken a couple of days later to do the speaking!

I might be a little obsessed with the hair-tossing look hence the excessive takes but I really loveeeee my bob!

Super good hair day at DFW SG where I curled the ends in with my hair straightener. I love big and poofy hair if you cannot tell hahaha.

I only went back to the salon recently to get a new colour for my mane and I've gone back to (almost) black with traces of violet/ruby under sunlight.

Feel free to spam Elva at ProTrim JEM (contact no: 6734 7883) or Tino at Somerset 313 (contact no: 6238 7928) with calls if you would like to enquire about all the hair details! I'm pretty sure you won't leave the salon disappointed! :)

True to its name, the Colour Me Neoprene Dress from Fashmob made me a walking rainbow for a day since I've been seen in monochrome way too often lately. I love the quality neoprene material that stretches and doesn't make me feel uncomfortable after a heavy meal!

I personally feel that wearing pants somehow makes one look more dressed up no matter the top you're matching it with. The Albany Pants in Blue comes with a casual loose fit that goes great with a pair of statement shoes!

Enjoy your shopping on Fashmob while I continue my packing for Europe! xx

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