Missing a lot of things in HCMC

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

So. A year ago H and I were in Ho Chi Minh City. And I am only documenting it now because I cannot forget about the meal we had on our first night at Cuc Gach Quan. Rumour has it that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie also visited that restaurant some years ago when they flew to HCMC. I don't know what has gotten into me because a week ago, I was having SERIOUS craving for this spicy seafood noodles H and I had in Myeong Dong, Seoul 3-4 years ago just before we leave for the airport. Years passed and I never thought much of it then BOOM, last week, the spicy noodles came back to me and I could still remember the exact taste of the soup and the texture of the thick noodles. I cannot even remember the name of the noodle shop nor its exact location and it is unlikely we'll find it again if we go to Seoul but anyway, it was located on the second level of one of those short buildings in Myeong Dong.

And this week, I wish I could teleport myself back to Cuc Gach Quan.

I looked through my pictures taken in HCMC and I understand why didn't I blog about it - there wasn't much pictures taken and I had a lot of blurry photos hahaha.

Anyway, we stayed at Hotel Nikko Saigon which is slightly off the city centre. I highly recommend it because they have a shopping mall connected to the hotel, the hotel staff are extremely helpful and the breakfast is sooooo goooood! I love the Japanese spread! 

We took a taxi to Cuc Gach Quan and that was our first and only good meal the entire trip. They have an extensive menu and almost anything they offer on the menu can be cooked according to your wishes. We had the claypot pork and prawn, (green?) brinjal with peanuts, fried tofu and a chicken dish. I think fish sauce made everything taste good because this meal exceeded our expectations! We paid approximately S$30 which is considered a little pricey for HCMC standard but rather reasonable to us. 

Walked out to the main street after dinner and we were greeted with a throng of people. It was crazy having to squeeze with everyone and trying to get a taxi was worse. In fact, getting a taxi at any time of the day is not easy. at all.

H and I were superbly unimpressed by the pho we ate on this trip. I had chicken pho and I hate all these black/red looking chicken bits. I only like my chicken meat white please, with no joints, bones and fats *_*

Luckily there's spring rolls to save the day.

After an unsatisfying lunch, we decided to head over to La Creperie for crepes! I wasn't too hungry but I was hungry so I couldn't pass up on the savoury crepe which tasted better than the caramelised banana which was way too sweet.

Dinner was French food at Le Jardin. I'm not very sure if this is authentic 'cause I don't think French eat thick creamy mustard mayo with their meat but this is a good place to check out for affordable French food in HCMC which H and I thoroughly enjoyed.

And then we had another round of unsatisfying pho...and yummy fried spring rolls. I'm pretty sure we were hitting up the wrong pho joints.

Oh yes, I also ate some street food and I had a very bad stomach the next day! It wasn't food poisoning, I did not vomit neither did I have to take a crap - it was just really, really uncomfortable. I couldn't stand completely straight and I had no appetite. It lasted the entire day and I had to take a plane home that day :( So street food in Vietnam - no more next time. Eat with caution guys!

Ending our HCMC adventures with a picture of H looking his fittest. I'm gonna print this picture and leave it by his bedside so he gets the hint and starts visiting the gym again. 

Missing that body,
tippytapp xx

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