The *New* Peugeot 308

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

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Ever since I've gotten my licence 2 years ago, H always willingly offers me his car whenever he thinks I'll need it. He drives a hatchback car so I've gotten very used to driving in a compact car. I love that it's very easy to handle and cosy. One thing I reallyyyy dislike though, is the lack of the 3rd and 4th door which make it hard for passengers in the back seats to get on/off and a little cumbersome to retrieve belongings from the back. So my wish is always for H to change to a 4-seater car which will happen sooner or later lah since that is definitely one of the criteria for family planning (else how to put a baby seat?!).

So when I heard about the Peugeot Open House through Nuffnang, I was a little excited and pulled H along with me for a test drive and learn a little more about the new Peugeot 308 since we are both fans of continental hatchback cars! Before H, my knowledge about cars was zilch, similar to how much he knows about bags hahaha.

So today I'm sharing what I've learned at the Open House and there's a giveaway contest involving a staycation and a car at the end of the entry! Read on to find out how to win! ;)

Peugeot, a French car brand, is one of the biggest automotive brands in Europe and it has set the standard for hatchbacks around the world, with multiple critics' awards around the world in their bag!

Some of you might be familiar with the Peugeot 308 since its first launch in 2007. Since then, it has gone through two facelifts and the most recent iteration has 2 variants - a 5-door hatchback and a station wagon.

Why the 308?

Other than the fact that it has a powerful engine and is fuel efficient, the horsepower in this 1.2 litre car is actually equivalent to a 1.6 litre car with its 129 horsepower. H simply explained to me what all these terms mean is that, the 308 can run faster than his current car. Ooo-kay I like how he uses layman terms with me when talking about cars and I'll try my best in this entry as well!

Fuel consumption is one of the main factors H considers when buying a car (and you should too) hence he always points it out to me after another of those weekend test drive sessions he forces me to go for. Not to worry though, the 308 has an excellent fuel consumption of up to 19.6km/litre and according to H, that's pretty impressive so I am sure it must be!

You are looking at pictures of the winner of the "Most Beautiful Interior" in the UK (also Car of the Year in 2014). And it's no wonder with how sleek and spacious everything is that comes fully equipped with touch-screen system.

The 308 went through a 140kg weight reduction (what!!) and it is now the lightest car in its segment. So this is WHAT made it so easy to drive and handle when I was at the test-drive!

What makes the new 308 even more luxurious than it already is, is the full LED headlights usually only found in high end cars! These give the car a stunning profile and are much brighter than the usual halogen lamps! Gorgeous.

I know some of you would be very pleased with the panoramic glass roof that stretches all the way to the back of the car because you can literally see everything from where you are seated! Now you can spend more time admiring the blue skies that our island is blessed with all year round and watch the occasional pitter patter of the raindrops on the roof.

And lastly, a lot of car buyers are concerned about the size of the boot especially that of hatchback cars because a car is like a mobile wardrobe right (*cough*yes*cough*)?? The 308 can fit me with excess space or 2 check-in luggage! Good job on that especially when it is the most compact hatchback in its segment!

One of its functions I would like to highlight is the Blind Spot Monitoring. There are orange LED lights integrated in the exterior mirrors which warn the driver of the presence of other motor vehicles in the blind spot! Why didn't anyone come up with this earlier? Many accidents involving not checking of blind spots could've been avoided once you see that orange light blinking!

Of course, what's an Open House without some delectable snacks right? We were mingling and relaxing with tasty treats from Kinsmen Coffee, Hic Juice, Lamb Cupcakery and The Little Flower Shop!

The hatchback market in Singapore has long been in need for a new continental model to provide drivers with a better option and the new 308 proves itself to be a serious contender in the hatchback market. If you'd like something sporty yet stylish, the 308 would be a good choice! Don't need to be shy about test-driving, just head down to the Peugeot Showroom one of these days to give it a try! ;)

Promotional prices start from $113,900 and include 3 years free servicing (prices are subject to change based on COE rates). The Peugeot 308 also comes with the Station Wagon variant.

And here's the giveaway contest I was talking about!
You can win a staycation and a weekend with the Peugeot 308! All you have to do is write a blogpost about “At least one of your favourite Peugeot 308 feature and why” to stand a chance to win! More information about the blogging contest can be found here:


More details on the new 308 can be found here:

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