Nanning Snaps

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Last week saw H and I taking a trip back to Nanning (南宁) to visit his parents. A lot of people usually ask, "Where's that?" when they heard that H's hometown is in Nanning. I guess my husband is now used to that because I have also never heard of this city, the capital of Guangxi (广西) province, till I met him. When he mentioned Guilin, a 3-hour car journey away, many (including me) went "OOHHHH". Guilin, also in Guangxi, is like the favoured child with its scenic landscapes and mountains whereas poor Nanning, the neglected child, has no iconic tourist attractions. Well, unless Dazzling Cafe counts?

Armed with our camera after a bowl of 老友面, H and I went in search of a location to take my flight outfit and we found this busy street with a non-stop flow of traffic. I was photobombed by women with umbrellas and honked by locals on electric scooters. Shopkeepers looked on in amusement as I crossed the street countless times trying to get the perfect shots. It was fun though I wish the weather could be a little kinder to us, especially to H, whose shirt had a huge patch of perspiration on the back when we were done, and a straight line as a mouth.

Also, I'm definitely gonna make an effort to go for monthly hair treatments at Pro Trim because I am finally seeing improvement in my hair texture after all the Keratase treatments Elva (my hair stylist in JEM) arranged for me. Not only that, my tresses are so much more manageable after absorbing all the nutrients so I actually spent lesser preparation time in Nanning to look presentable!

OOTD details:
Vest from Theory of Seven
Top from Taobao
Shorts from Forever 21
Shoes from ECCO
Bag from Balenciaga

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