Late night thoughts

Monday, 6 July 2015

Feeling a little heavy-hearted as I always do the nights before H leaves for his work trips. He has been travelling frequently for work lately and I'm just :'( :'( :'(  There is the incessant worry about his safety when he leaves home. As I go about the days doing my things, I spend my nights looking forward to his return. Nights at home alone are well, lonely. I am totally fine with my own company, and alone time like these bring me back to my flying days. Only now, the roles are reversed. I fully understand the emptiness H felt for the 3 years when he dropped me off at the airport for my flights and the relief when I was safely back in his arms.

A lot of people know me as being "cold", "quiet" or "not easily amused" but I prefer to describe myself as "calm", "mature" and "not as expressive". I am only talkative, crazy and willing to share my opinions around selective people because to be honest, a lot of humans feel easily offended these days. Perhaps it is due to the low level of understanding among different parties or perhaps the horoscope/zodiac signs just don't get along. I don't like arguments and I would largely avoid it before a spark is even ignited because...pointless, a waste of time and all parties get hurt.

I didn't mean to digress but I just thought about how amazing it is to have H who truly understands me, stands by me and supports me in all ways. I believe this is the best kind of love and trust someone can give to anyone.

Looking forward to picking H up from the airport already. <3

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