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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

I come from a family of 6. By today's (and some 30 years ago) standard, it is consider a huge family. We were not well-to-do and my parents worked hard to provide for us. I remember being afraid to ask my mother for extra money to buy A, B or C required in school because I know it'll be met with a "no money". Yet, somehow, a couple of days later, I would always get the money I requested for.

Based on how we were doing financially and having a big family nucleus, my parents couldn't afford to fly all of us on a family holiday together. I only took a flight for the first time when I was 19 using the money I saved from my part-time jobs. Before that, all the overseas trips I went on were in Malaysia.

I have never blamed my parents for not being able to bring us on holidays because that'll cost at least thousands and is considered a luxury. But we were not poor, money was just tight. My siblings and I still get our fast food fix and my dad would indulge me and get me anything I asked for, be it a camera or CDs from my favourite bands.

One of my most memorable across-the-border trips was our visit to Genting when I was probably 9 or 10.

My memories of the trip was quite vague, I remember my dad drove us up to Genting Highlands with my cousins and extended family. I slept most of the journey because I used to have motion sickness (not as bad now) and my mum had plastic bags and sour plums ready for me. We stayed in a service apartment and went to the theme park, took a lot of pictures using film camera and I cannot remember anything else haha. It must have been mighty fun because hanging out with other kids (cousins we don't see very often) is always fun.

Times Square, New York

Since young, and especially after my first trip on the airplane, I was always eager to travel. I want to learn about the places I read in (text)books, try the food they eat and immerse myself in a culture other than the one I am familiar with. I was lucky I got into SQ as a flight attendant and flew with the airline for a good five years.

Ponte Vecchio, Florence

Now that I have seen so many cities around the world, I strongly believe that travelling should start at a young age. Children absorb knowledge better through their sensory senses. Coupled with what they learn in the classroom, travelling would give them a better understanding and at the same time, allow them to acquire new skills/knowledge they would not have been able to gain in school.

Hyde Park, London

Which is why ZUJI and I have a common direction. We believe that the joy of travelling is for everyone.

Everyone, including disadvantaged low-income families.

I might not have the fortune to travel far when I was still in school but I certainly do hope that kids these days have it better than me.

I believe most of us are familiar with ZUJI. It is an online travel agent (OTA) that provides extensive booking services. You can search, compare and book your preferred flights, hotels, insurance and even car hire all on one site and it is definitely one of the websites I check out before I make my travel plans.

Currently, ZUJI is partnering with MasterCard and they would like to invite everyone to join them in creating bright and worldly possibilities for the 13,000 beneficiaries under The Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund (SPMF) this year.

It is really SO EASY to help.

For each new "LIKE" on ZUJI Singapore Facebook Page (http://www.facebook.com/zuji.com.sg) from now till 1 November 2015, ZUJI will make a $0.50 donation to SPMF! After you've done the click, share the word with your friends so we can get more out of this initiative for SPMF :)

The video above shows the story of one of SPMF's beneficiaries, Charmaine. At a tender age of 13, I think Charmaine's maturity surpassed her peers and maybe even some of us because we will never know how tough it is on her family and her. And that's why I count my lucky stars that not only am I healthy, I also have the luxury to travel a few times a year now.

You can find out more about this initiative at www.zuji.com.sg/alotlikelove as well as view stories and videos of beneficiaries and find out how else you can help to fulfil the dreams of the low-income families.

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ZUJI is giving away $100 travel voucher to one of my readers! Share with me “What do you miss about travelling with your family?” in the comment section and I will choose my favourite reply! Do remember to leave down your email address so I can contact you after ;) Best of luck!!


  1. I missed the time we took photos together and going around at our own pace.

  2. Hi jess, from young till now i've never travel with my family at all due to financial difficulties. Only when now I can earn much more than before I only managed to pay for my mum to travel with her friends or my aunts. I hope I could win this $100 voucher and to spend some quality time with my family even though its just nearby cities. Thank you for having this giveaway. :) deniece.lhx@gmail.com

  3. One thing I miss most about traveling with my family is that I really get to be myself during the whole trip. I can have tantrums on not knowing what to wear in the morning for example and they will be totally fine with it. I can relax around them and it just feels like home while enjoying new experiences together :)

    -juliana ( julianaleesy@gmail.com)

  4. Kymmylim@hotmail.com

    Hello Jessica, i miss the good times we shared bonding over food whilst travelling with my family. As we are all together,we can order more variety of food to try and taking note of the ones we love and make it a point to revisit that place again future :)

  5. My last family trip was a couple of years ago to Malaysia KL where we met up with other relatives there. I miss the bonding time we have while on a holiday. Going to remote places for good food, shopping with my mom (while dad looks at guys stuff haha!), and doing the touristy sight-seeing activities. My holiday with the fam is usually a chill affair, so it's a nice feeling to come back to SG feeling refreshed instead of haggard like my trips with friends. :)

  6. What I miss most about traveling with family is the care-free time during those holidays. No worries about school/work and every day is just planning the fun activities for the day. Plus, hotel room service (where we don't have to make up our own beds) is a big bonus! :D
    Email: Loveepig@hotmail.com

  7. My last family trip was maybe 6 or 7 years ago! It was with my family as well as my extended family. We went to egypt to see the mummies, tombs and listen to the mythical stories of the past. I miss the long bus trips where we kids (we were all teenagers then..) will talk non-stop, parents fussing over small stuff like did we eat enough, did we drink water. It was all so frustrating at the moment but yet I miss it more as we all grew up an my parents did less of such nagging. The older I grew, the more I missing their expressions of love, care and concern for us.

  8. I miss my mom waking all of us up early every morning and saying, "let's go go go!!!" Coz she's too excited to see what's in store for us... she told us that we came all the way to NOT SLEEP...love her for that coz we get to spend more time exploring n creating more memories together :)

  9. My LAst family trip was to Bali and i miss the relaxation i get i need to escape from the busy city to catch my breath and also spend some quality bonding time with the family

  10. Hello, Jessica :)

    My last family trip was way back in 2001, to Hong Kong and Macau. That was our second time there, following our first trip in 1999. After that year, my parents could no longer afford to bring us overseas due to financial as well as time constraints. :(

    I miss being able to spend quality time together with my family. Back then, my parents were the ones busy working. Now, everyone in the family works. I miss taking lots of photographs with them too. After all, people always take photographs to capture their best memories, no? ;)

    To be honest, I would love to quickly save up lots of money to bring my family to visit Hangzhou - a city in China, near Shanghai, where I had spent a semester of cultural immersion in during my Polytechnic days. I'm sure they will be mesmerized by the scenic view at Westlake. Oh yes, and to savour all the yummilicious food which China has to offer! =b

    <3, Joanna
    (my email address: huiwenjoanna[AT]gmail[DOT]com)

  11. My last family trip was early this year to Harbin. I missed it so much because it is the first time we finally agreed to accompany my old parents to their favourite country - China. I always thought that this country is backward and under-developed but we were wrong. We enjoyed ourselves very much with the ice and snow all trip long. Best of all, all of us (mum and 3 sisters), cuddled up to my dad who don't really feel cold and able to radiate his warmth to us. This never fail to put a smile on my face. :)