Monday, 3 August 2015

Nothing spells "favourite kinda casual" more than the outfit ensemble I put together here. I love wearing loose-fitting clothes that doesn't restrict movements or make me feel uncomfortable in my own skin. I see these individual pieces as "must-haves" in the wardrobe because there are various ways to mix and match them depending on the occasion and existing clothes you have in your wardrobe. Yay to neutral colours! Which reminds me, I have been wearing SO MUCH whites lately, I couldn't wash all my dirty white laundry in one load.

Outfit details:
V-Neck Top from Runwaybandits
Pleated Midi Skirt from Runwaybandits
Bag from Chanel
Sandals from Annie and Lori
Sunglasses from Lumière Days
Watch from ELLE
Accessories from Taobao
Flower bouquet from MyFloralLoft

Photos taken with Canon 650D / 85mm lens by my husband, H

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