Our Sweet Escape in Bali

Sunday, 11 October 2015

H and I were in Bali last week to attend our friends' wedding (which was so beautiful btw, more on that soon) and since it was just a week after our wedding anniversary, we decided to spend our last evening on a destination photo shoot with Sweet Escape by Axioo. We started the spontaneous photo shoot at Creamy Comfort (Axioo's cafe and office) and stopped for snaps at interesting spots along Seminyak - this area has really pretty cafes/restaurants!

It was my first time to Bali and I have heard so much about this island. Funny how it has never been on my list of go-to places all these years but now I'm yearning to go back there again! And it's true, the most beautiful sunsets occur here and I love beaches like the one we went to in Seminyak. It might not look like it in our photos, but the beach was so crowded (we were there on a Sunday). We are genuinely lucky our frames had no one else in them.

There was a lot of fun and laughters, plus our photographer, Dodo, was a joy to be with, which made the entire photo shoot a breeze. We were all hungry after getting ourselves wet (the waves were huge) so we walked out to the food street and got ourselves grilled corn on a cob (I love it!!!) and Dodo treated us to pork satays where were spicily yummy. And that was a good conclusion to our Sunday. :)

Photography by Reynaldo Tjandra (Dodo) from Sweet Escape
White dress from FMTPxTIPPYTAPP
Eyelash extensions by Dreamlash Korea

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